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Full Moon Retreat

Bali, Indonesia Oct. 26-31st 2024

Explore the depths of your being according to the stars during the full moon season. In this 7-day luxury retreat, you’ll experience the power of cosmic collaboration as you learn insights on your life purpose, fixed characteristics, aura energy field, and how to navigate your inner workings according to your unique birth chart. Doing so during the Full Moon allows us to gain clarity, release what is no longer aligned with us, and to create space for a new reality. True power and the fullest expression of life begins with knowing ourselves. 


Each daily practice, workshop, ceremony, community connection, nature encounter, and cultural experience is intentionally crafted to support you in understanding yourself, intimately and holistically.

What's Included

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What's Intended

Day 1

After arriving in beautiful Bali, you will be privately transferred to the beautiful retreat villa and your home for the week. Upon arrival you'll be greeted and shown to your living quarters. Relax, shower, and unpack before our welcome dinner. Dinner will consist of a multi-course Balinese meal prepared by our native private chefs. The welcome dinner will begin our journey over the next 7 days together through connection, community building, and surprises from the host.

Day 2

Begin the day slowly and mindfully with a guided meditation and a self-nurturing Yin Yoga Practice. After breakfast, join your retreat mates in a cosmic workshop focused on your individual birth chart. You’ll be guided through various energetic aspects of your internal composition; shedding light on your personality, your purpose, and your aurora. Close the night  with an evening excursion to experience one of Bali’s richest cultural rituals.

Day 3

Enjoy rest and relaxation on the beautiful Villa property, explore local shopping experiences, fill your day with reading your favorite book until your scheduled in-house Balinese full body massage. Join your retreat mates in a Full Moon Ceremony workshop, and yoga asana in the evening. 

Day 4

Spend the day on an excursion exploring 2 of the most beautiful natural attractions that Bali has to offer. Experience a blend of earth, water, and spirit!

Day 5

Spend a half day at one of the most stunning and private beaches in Bali.


Day 6

Indulge in a manifestation workshop by combining your knowledge from your detailed chart reading, your clarity from your experiences, and your insight from self-reflection to build out the life you desire and are aligned to live. Spend the afternoon relaxing, creating any final memories, or purchasing any last-minute souvenirs. Finally, take time to share your experience with our in-house film director.

Day 7

Departure and farewell with; an understanding of who you are in relation to the world and those around you, the ability to continue working with cosmic and planetary placements in your daily life, more clarity on why you’re here and what your path is, and cherished memories and life long friendships.

What's the 

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Single King Suite | $3,333 per guest

Shared King Suite | $2,555 per guest

Shared Double Suite | 2,555 per guest


Flexible payment plans are available.

All local ground transportation is included.

Flights and travel insurance are not included.  

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