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"May your higher self bring out the highest in others"


Take what you need. Leave the rest.

"Ascension- the concept of "upward" growth towards consciousness."


Throughout my journey as a spiritual healer and yoga teacher...Im always a student to every experience. In this season of my life, with all of my experience so far, I've come to understand a universal concept; life is now. So many of us are awaiting some thrilling or future experience as life is happening presently. I've learned to bring the thrill into the present, to find the thrill in simply being, and to surrender to the unknown duration of my life.


How would your perspective on your life, priorities, and problems change if you knew when your life would end?

In what ways would you discover alignment and purpose?

Creating a life in preparation for a fulfilled completion can liberate your soul in ways that you'll have to experience to understand...and life is certainly all about the experience! Yes, there may be traumas, resistance, triggers, unawareness, imbalances, and energetic blockages to nurture along the way. Yes, there are tools, both ancient and intuitive, available to see you through. Explore my offerings and connect with me to discover how you can begin your ascension!   




"I attended one of Jaz Porter’s classes this week (the yoga instructor that will be joining us in Tulum) and OMG we are really in for a treat! She is PHENOMENAL. She has an ability to connect you parts of yourself that you didn't even know about." - Ikea

"My experience with Jaz has been life changing, I started exploring my inner self and seeking knowledge early this year, but the information that I was getting was overwhelming, and I really couldn’t understand where it fit in my journey. After talking to Jaz things became a lot clearer. She allows you to be in your own space but still genuinely listens with no judgment. She is extremely thoughtful and chooses her words very wisely before she speaks. With that I trust her as a professional to not only do what’s best for me as a client but a human being. I’ve actually never met someone in my life beside my husband or my immediate family that I could be so open with so quickly. Our conversation feels completely natural, and I find myself using our lessons daily. From meditations all the way to social media challenges which helped me and my husband get through a rough patch with his health. I’m extremely blessed to have her come into my life . Thank you for everything you do Jaz."- Brittany Lemons


"My experience was life changing. Jaz helped me see how I can practically change my life by breaking down what it takes and how I can get to where I need to be in my yoga business. She was straight to the point and I left each meeting more confident and equipped than I was before. While the plan was very structured, Jaz was able to answer my questions and it felt like a completely bespoke experience. From marketing to website development and content creation - I now have a toolbox that will help me reach my aspirational life as a full time wellness entrepreneur which seemed like a distant dream!" -Tochi Anueyiagu


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