I know that you are searching for more out of life because you are here now, reading these words. I read somewhere that "information presents itself to us when we are ready to receive it." 


You may be seeking a deeper relationship with yourself, to heal traumas, to find the center of your soul, or to trust in the abundance in this Universe. I want to help you unlock the unconscious blocks that keep us in a reactive cycle in life, and open up the freedom within you to live a fulfilling life on purpose. 


 As an instructor, I like to consider myself the host of the conversation my students will have with themselves. I provide education and tools to build a personal practice that will bring benefits useful in all aspects of life. Spiritual growth through practice will dissolve the many constructs within, ultimately leading one to a life of authenticity. ​ 


We are all on our journey trying to find our way, so please, take what you need for your journey.